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First GoPro HD Movie

So I finally finished pulling together my first little (which turned into bigger than anticipated) movie using the GoPro HD camera and iMovie 09 (see previous post). Just as I was wrapping it up I noticed some advanced tools (like adjusting the opacity of cuts) but I simply got tired of messing with the movie so I’ll save those features for future little movies.

And by little movies, I literally mean little movies. This one is too long. I’m thinking shorter cycling-related scenes and fast cuts. Nothing that lasts this long. . . it’s just too long for my self-prescribed adult-onset ADD to handle.

Oh. . . here it is on Vimeo.


Preview of Coming Attractions

I recently (and finally) purchased a GoPro HD video camera. The camera’s been on my list of things I’ve wanted to buy for about a year now. I just hadn’t gotten around to pulling the trigger until I discovered it was available at REI and I could combine my 20% off coupon and yearly dividend, which resulted in a sizable discount. So I picked it up and ordered a 16GB SD card. (Note: Photo is not of my hand, freaky thumb, foreign coin, or camera… I was just too lazy to take my own photo.)

I have a few filming ideas in mind (mostly cycling-related), but initially I wanted to take it out for a test run. What better place (or controlled environment) than good ‘ol Hains Point. I was heading down for a time trial workout anyhow so I brought along the GoPro. I placed the camera in different locations on the bike and did laps at speed, filming different perspectives. For example, I placed the camera on the stem, forward facing, and did a lap or two. Then I placed it out near the brake lever (facing forward, then facing rearward) and pounded out a few more laps. I switched camera locations a couple more times and did a few more laps. I ended up doing 8 or 9 laps at speed and capturing quite a bit of video.

Pulling everything together using iMovie 09 has been (as Sir Alex Pline predicted) a time suck. I’ve put together a pretty coherent series of clips but now I need to add a soundtrack and do some additional tweaking. At any rate, here’s a 22 second Vimeo preview clip (from the cutting room floor and poor quality because I haven’t decided whether I want to invest in Vimeo’s HD fee. . . still figuring this stuff out).

I’ve been pretty impressed with the image quality (outside Vimeo) and the ease of use of the GoPro HD. Figuring out iMovie 09 cold has been another thing though (and trying to synch up a soundtrack has been a little frustrating). I think I might want to eventually move to Final Cut Express at some point but for now I’m just trying to figure out iMovie 09. Stay tuned for more stuff.

Moviegoing Pet Peeves

I have basically three huge pet peeves when going to the movies and for some reason, at least one of them occurs every time I see a movie. Often times two occur, and during the perfect storm of moviegoing frustration, all three happen. Here they are in order of typically how they occur (but not really in terms of annoyance factor):

Pet Peeve #1: Morons in the concession line. Sometimes the line might be 7-9 people deep. Depending on how quickly the person behind the counter works, this can turn into a 10-20 minute experience. What drives me absolutely insane, is when the person (or typically the chatty couple) finally gets to the front of the line and states: “Hmmm, what do you want?” “I don’t know, do you want to split a popcorn or get your own?” WTH!?!?! You’ve only had 10-15 minutes to figure out the complicated menu of options that never changes!! They should have an express line for people who already know what they want, and five lines for the rest of the people. Seriously, figure out what you want before getting to the front of the line!

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