Too Much Salt!

So my first blog posting is nothing earth-shattering. Nothing profound. Just a simple complaint that restaurants put way too much salt (good ‘ol NaCl) in their dishes. I typically watch how much salt I use not only for health reasons but also because I don’t like sweating out a bunch of salt when I work out.

I just returned from a work trip in California and I can tell I consumed too much salt eating out at restaurants (even though I tried to watch what I ate). I know the carnitas at Speedy Joe’s in Palmdale were salty and the bacon at Crazy Otto’s in Acton were likewise salty but there must have been other salt-laden meals over the three days I was there.  A three-hour workout on my rollers left salt all over my face, I could taste it in my mouth, I could feel the sting in my eyes, and it left salty sweat marks everywhere. Just gotta sweat that stuff out.


1 Response to “Too Much Salt!”

  1. 1 Alex Pline February 16, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    Salt Rules! There is no such thing as too much salt if you are not predisposed to high blood pressure.

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