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Moviegoing Pet Peeves

I have basically three huge pet peeves when going to the movies and for some reason, at least one of them occurs every time I see a movie. Often times two occur, and during the perfect storm of moviegoing frustration, all three happen. Here they are in order of typically how they occur (but not really in terms of annoyance factor):

Pet Peeve #1: Morons in the concession line. Sometimes the line might be 7-9 people deep. Depending on how quickly the person behind the counter works, this can turn into a 10-20 minute experience. What drives me absolutely insane, is when the person (or typically the chatty couple) finally gets to the front of the line and states: “Hmmm, what do you want?” “I don’t know, do you want to split a popcorn or get your own?” WTH!?!?! You’ve only had 10-15 minutes to figure out the complicated menu of options that never changes!! They should have an express line for people who already know what they want, and five lines for the rest of the people. Seriously, figure out what you want before getting to the front of the line!

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The Fringe Renewed for Season Three?

Web-rumor has it that The Fringe may be renewed for a third season. I’d like that. The Fringe has been one of my favorite shows and has been a substantial replacement for The X-Files. There are several themes that still need to be wrapped up later this season.

Aside from the numerous plot themes, I’d like to see Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv. . . ooohh that Anna Torv!) get back a little more on track with her original character (although the recent realization that nothing frightens her anymore is a little unnerving and could bring her back around) and I’d like to see Astrid (Jasika Nicole) perhaps start playing a more significant role. But I don’t want the show to start unraveling too much. All in all, I’ve enjoyed the series. It’s a little creepy at time, somewhat foreboding, and well constructed. Oh, and Walter Bishop (John Noble) is fantastic.

More Boxes

Over $34K worth of team clothing arrived today via FedEx. Those five boxes are h-e-a-v-y! Staring at the boxes and thinking about double checking each individual order is a little exhausting at the moment.

The good news is, this is the first time I’ve actually been home when the boxes arrived (no chasing them down at FedEx). I guess the other good news is that each order is individually packaged so at least I don’t have to go through the trouble of sorting all of the clothing for each team member (that would be a pain and very time consuming). The other boxes in the background are team socks and team t-shirts ready to hand out. Why do I always have all this stuff???

Too Much Salt!

So my first blog posting is nothing earth-shattering. Nothing profound. Just a simple complaint that restaurants put way too much salt (good ‘ol NaCl) in their dishes. I typically watch how much salt I use not only for health reasons but also because I don’t like sweating out a bunch of salt when I work out.

I just returned from a work trip in California and I can tell I consumed too much salt eating out at restaurants (even though I tried to watch what I ate). I know the carnitas at Speedy Joe’s in Palmdale were salty and the bacon at Crazy Otto’s in Acton were likewise salty but there must have been other salt-laden meals over the three days I was there.  A three-hour workout on my rollers left salt all over my face, I could taste it in my mouth, I could feel the sting in my eyes, and it left salty sweat marks everywhere. Just gotta sweat that stuff out.